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Kodak Capture Pro Serial Number [Latest-2022]




hi, i bought my digicam about 4 months ago and have been very happy with it, however i was looking at a repair/replacement deal on ebay last night and noticed that the seller had a Kodak Capture Pro ( and is asking $219.99 for it, however i have a notepad and a sharpie and a usb memory stick with about 5.2GB of data on it so i can't really imagine what i would use it for, or if i would use it for anything at all, and at that price i wouldn't want to lose all that data. the seller hasn't sold anything else on ebay for about 3 years now and there are some dodgy reviews about it. i know the apps for android/iphone/ipad/ipod have support for a lot of Kodak's cameras but i'm afraid i don't know how to get any of the apps to work. i don't have a mobile number and the ebay profile only says i don't want to be contacted. so is there any way to contact the seller, what would be the best way to contact the seller, or should i just ask to see some pictures? I have two Capture Pro's, one is in great shape, other is in the worst shape I've seen. (The one in great shape had been damaged and the other was in a bad storage bag/box) The one in great shape had most of the buttons on the camera body working and the camera worked OK. The battery had leaked and the LCD was cracked. The back of the camera was missing at the left side by a few centimeters. The LCD was broken at the right side. The charger and USB cable were working. On the other hand, the one that's in bad shape had the battery drain, camera shutter to be released twice by the sliding slide menu, no shutter button, LCD went out, back side is cracked, speaker stopped working and the charger and USB cable are in pieces. The camera worked fine and the battery is dead. So, if




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Kodak Capture Pro Serial Number [Latest-2022]

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