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Clubs usually funds to execute many of the amazing events they hold each year. CHS, CC has been instrumental in allocating thousands of dollars to different SHA clubs. Clubs can receive funding provided through either SHA or SAFC funding budgets typically at the beginning of each and every semester. Clubs have the opportunity to submit a comprehensive request of their estimated budget for approval of funds allocated by the Finance & Budgeting Director of CHS, CC and the Club Administrative Advisor during a Club Budget Council meeting. Funding applications of each club should be submitted through Orgsync by either the President or Treasurer by the detailed deadline.require

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As Head of Club Development and Technology of the Cornell Hotel Society Collegiate Chapter, I hold monthly Presidents Council Meetings. Meetings are brief and informative. During these meetings, club presidents are informed of CAB (Club Administration Board) initiatives and administrative items. Key information including budgeting deadlines, locker upkeep, and event updates are presented. These meetings also provide an opportunity for presidents to provide CHS with feedback and make suggestions as to how CHS can further support SHA organizations.  In previous meetings, club presidents have suggested ways to improve the budgeting processing ensuring funds are appropriately and fairly allocated at the beginning of each semester. CAB initiatives are formed for the purpose of supporting and developing SHA clubs and organizations. Presidents have shown interest in attending Club Fest next fall and CHS will arrange this for them. President’s Council Meeting allow clubs to collaborate for the benefit of each organization.

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