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Cornell University is known for so many things - academic rigor, huge greek community, talented students, and especially its beautiful campus. I find myself exploring something new each and every day. As a Hotelie, it’s easy to get stuck in the same routine of Statler Hall; it’s important that we venture out a little and explore something like..let’s say… Malott Hall? Ever heard of it?

Through my avid adventures around Cornell, I’ve discovered some great spots to explore, relax, study, and eat (and yes, none of them are featured in Statler Hall - sorry to disappoint). Please take some time to explore these places before you graduate and to really appreciate what Cornell has to offer in terms of its landscape, architecture and atmosphere.


  • Ezra’s Tunnel

  • Cornell Plantations - can turn this location into a romantic getaway or a fun picnic with friends; it’s definitely a scene that is picture worthy, especially in the spring and early fall.

  • Ithaca’s Apple Festival - happens only once a year, usually from September to October. Everything you can image that apples can make, decorate, or form into will be available. Try out the Apple Cider - it’s amazing cold.

  • Ithaca Farmer’s Market - A staple of Ithaca.


  • Your bed (that’s my favorite for sure!)

  • eHub Lounge (In Kennedy Hall or Collegetown)

  • Basically any library or lounge on campus


  • Laying out on the slope in the spring or early fall.

  • Cornell Teaching Barn - There is a wide variety of animals that you can meet (from chicken, cows, pigs - the list goes on!) This barn is located just past the parking lot behind Morrison Hall (I suggest google maps before you take the hike in the wrong direction).

  • Uris Library - Believe it or not, Uris Libe is a beautiful place. It gives you amazing views of the slope and a really cool layout. Sometimes you might not have enough time to go home to take a nap - Uris is the place for you.


  • Trillium (Central) - if you haven’t been to Trillium, shame on you! It’s a melting pot of foods similar yet debatably better than Terrace.

  • Martha’s (Central) - the layout is awesome and the food is just as good.

  • Ivy Room (Central) - venture into the grad school area and act like you’re one of them for a little while. You might strike up a really interesting conversation and forget that you had ever came there with the purpose to eat in the first place.

  • Red’s Place (Commons) - great place to hang out with friends or eat when parents visit.

  • Hot Pot (Collegetown) - an literal underground East Asian restaurant located in the heart of Collegetown. It’s right beside Level B and provides a great way to grab a meal before heading right over.

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