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It Makes the CUT

New York City’s CUT by Wolfgang Puck not only exceeded my expectations, but was one of the best culinary experiences I have had. I first learned about CUT while looking for a steakhouse online. It has an optimal location downtown near The One World Center, making it easily accessible by subway or taxi. The reviews unanimously praised every aspect of the restaurant, so we went for it. My family and I went the following weekend to finish Spring Break right. I can say with confidence, I have never been happier paying the check after a meal.

The world-class service and sophisticated ambiance only supplemented the star of the night: the food. From the parmesan bread sticks to the coffee-crusted ribeye, every bite was a little symphony in your mouth. The seared pork belly with empire apples and maple-mustard vinaigrette melted the second it touched my tongue. The ribeye was seared perfectly with the inside a perfect medium-rare. The fatty edges of the steak were charred with intention making them taste like bacon. Overall, every item was something I would have again.

The ambiance was suited for a modern-day Jay Gatsby. The dimmed lights combined with the soft music set the classy mood. The décor, consisting of stone top tables and leather chairs, gave the room a rustic, yet expensive look. The waiters all wore black suits, while the hostess wore a tight-fitting silver dress. Everything, from the chandeliers to the marble walls, was well-polished. If there was even a speck of dust, you needed a microscope to see it. The patrons were just what you would expect them to be: business men in suits, wives with large gaudy hoop earrings, and the occasional family all wearing Vineyard Vine attire. I instantly felt like I had been transported into another world.

The service we received from the staff transformed the night. Immediately after walking in, the coat girl took our jackets and the hostess greeted us by name. I am still unsure how they did this. Maybe a Facebook profile? Maybe the valet relayed the information via walkie-talkie? I still do not know how they knew my mom’s name before we had said anything. Either way, it was impressive and it made us feel special from the start.

This level of service continued throughout the night. My glass of water never fell below half-full, there was always a waiter nearby when I had a request, and the food came out in a timely fashion. Moreover, we had a family friend from Ghana with us who had never been to a steakhouse before. The waiter brought out a plate of every different cut of beef and explained them to him! Without a doubt, this was some of the best service I have seen in a restaurant.

Would I go back? Yes. Would I recommend it? Yes. While the price is not exactly easy on the wallet, the value is there. It sounds cliché, but you get what you pay for. CUT is a top-dollar restaurant offering a top-dollar experience. I am sure my family and I will be returning soon.


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