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As an organization meant to represent our entire student body, we pledge to learn to better support every Hotelie. In the fall, we hope to make an impactful change in the way we create programs, the way we select groups, and the way we interact with our peers. In this post, we have included a list of resources compiled that we will be using in the hopes of becoming the leaders you deserve. This list is just the start of how we hope to learn.



National Society of Minorities in Hospitality

Part of a nationwide network, the National Society of Minorities in Hospitality at Cornell serves to help a diverse group of hospitality students build community, foster important discussions, and have equal access to information and resources.


Queer Professional Community

The goal of the Queer Professional Community (QPC) is to foster a safe and validating community for LGBTQ+ students who have an interest in business, pre-med, or pre-law.


Female Leadership in Hospitality

A unique program, Female Leadership in Hospitality (FLH) Educates future hospitality leaders on insights and challenges faced by female hospitality leaders.


The Nolan Hotel School Diversity Enhancement Committee

Advises the school on the student, staff, and faculty diversity issues and fosters an understanding of the connection between diversity and the creation of an inclusive environment that allows for success in composition, engagement, inclusion, and achievement.


The Nolan Hotel School Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Find any resources for Hotelies of diverse backgrounds, work to provide educational resources on academic and diversity topics, and emotionally support students through their endeavors at the Hotel School.




Office of Academic Diversity Initiatives

Focuses on ensuring Cornell students of all backgrounds can succeed on campus, especially those from underrepresented minority groups, low-income households, and who are first-generation students.


Women’s Resource Center

Dedicated to supporting all female-identifying students in their personal and educational goals on campus and beyond.


Asian & Asian-American Center

Encourages advocacy, education, and community for students of Asian heritage seeking to develop their intersecting identities.


First Generation & Low-Income Support

Intended to promote exploration, community, advocacy, and empowerment for all students who identify as first-generation or low-income, by centralizing Cornell’s available resources.


LGBT Resource Center

Strives to create a welcoming, affirming, and inclusive space on campus for all students who identify as LGBTQAI+, through creating a tight-knit community on-campus.


Office of Spirituality and Meaning Making

Supports all Cornell students, regardless of their ethnic or religious backgrounds, in engaging in meaningful cross-religious discussions and in deepening one’s beliefs.


Student Development Diversity Initiatives

Works to support students in the development of their social and cultural identities, encouraging them to strive towards equity for all students on-campus.


Undocumented and DACA Support

Provide general information on admissions, financial aid, campus resources, privacy, legal assistance, and safety available to all DACA students.


Cornell Student Assembly

Advocates for students on a school-wide level to implement reform. Contact your representative to bring up proposals and express your needs.

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