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Hotel Student Mentorship Program

Info on the new HSMP and how they can help!

Our Story, Mission, Vision, and Values:

The Hotel School Mentorship Program (HSMP) was founded by Samay Bansal, Jeffery Liao, Kassie Henderson, Reina Richardson, Zak Bedrosian, Nicholas Lu, and Alexander Baldyga during Spring Semester 2020. The Hotel Student Mentorship Program (HSMP) is a great opportunity for current students to connect with incoming students in the Hotel School! The goal of the program is to strengthen the already tight-knit Hotelie community and help new students navigate the plethora of resources at the Hotel School through mentorship.

Our core values at HSMP


Hospitality towards new members of the Hotelie family


Socializing amongst all Hotelies


Mentorship from upperclassmen to lowerclassmen


Prosperity for one’s Hotelie experience

How to Get Involved:

You can apply to be a mentor or a mentee at the beginning of each semester!


Please contact Samay Bansal, president of HSMP for any inquiries.

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