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How to navigate through The Nolan Hotel School’s many online resources including its alumni database, LinkedIn, CUeLINKS, and The Nolan Hotel School directory

Tips and tricks

Alumni Database


Know what/who you are looking for


If you are going to be in a city reach out to alum and ask to catch a coffee with them or tour their establishment (post COVID times)


Be polite: don’t ask for a job in the first email; ask if they have time to chat about their business


Do other research on the company/person before reaching out to them (double-check correct name)


If you get to talk with them (in-person or on the phone), know the alumni's career progression and experiences in-depth! Pay special attention to what they were involved in at SHA; alumni love to hear about all the new events on campus!


If you are visiting a city reach out to alumni and ask to have a coffee with them or tour their establishment (post COVID-19 times)



Tip 1

Ensure that your LinkedIn is up-to-date and matches the experiences on your resume

Some recruiters look through your profile, and if it doesn’t match your resume, it can raise a red flag!

Tip 2

It is recommended to change your profile viewing settings to ‘Private Profile Characteristics’ or ‘Private Mode’

Settings & Privacy > Privacy > How others see your LinkedIn activity > Profile Viewing options)

Tip 3

Start sharing and posting on LinkedIn!

Sharing more posts and milestones/professional work exposes you to your connections

Tip 4

Use filters when searching for people to connect with/reach out to

There are tons of filters, such as company, school, title, and location

Tip 5

Join the ‘Cornell SHA Alumni’ LinkedIn group!

Tip 6

Use to find the email of a person on LinkedIn who doesn’t display his/her email on LinkedIn

You can make a free account and search people by pasting in their LinkedIn URL, you get 5 free searches per month



CUelinks is a platform that connects you with Cornell alumni and current students while also providing different business resources. Think of CUelinks as a Cornell specific LinkedIn. This is a great resource when you are recruiting and want to find Cornell alumni at the firms you are interested in.


Features include:

  • Searching and connecting with alumni by selecting specific criteria (i.e. their current job, school major, and Cornell club affiliations).

  • Messaging directly though CUeLINKS

  • CUelinks also provides sample thank you letters, tips for expanding your network, and good sample questions for coffee chats.

  • The discussion board is like a professional Reddit. Students/alumni post questions and receive replies from fellow Cornellians.

    • Topics include advice for freshman students, tips for recruiting, and a guide for recruiting as an international student.

Online Nolan Hotel School Directory

Hotel School Directory

The Hotel School Directory can be used to access the alumni contacts of graduates of SHA. 


Information about location, company name, emails, and more can be found to help students reach necessary contacts regarding certain internship positions online.


A student interested in a certain company/industry should contact alumni in the area and request a coffee chat (phone or Zoom call) to discuss:

  • Career path opportunities

  • Company culture

Zoom Background Resource

Zoom BG Generator

Want to create your own custom zoom-background that is professional and school-specific?  The zoom background generator provides you with the option to choose The Hotel School, your preferred pronoun, and background color!

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