Professional Development

Mentorship Program

April 19, 2017

A platform dedicated towards pairing an upperclassman with an underclassman, the Mentorship Program connects students across different years to make meaningful and lasting relationships. The relationship, both personal and professional, allows a well-experienced Hotelie to act as guides by sharing their experiences, knowledge, and insightful tips to newly-enrolled Hotelies. This program is one of the many ways the Hotelie connection is formed within the Hotel School and is preserved outside the Ithaca campus.

Delights With Statler

April 19, 2017

A collaboration between CHS, CC and the Statler Hotel, this event focused on the unique working and leadership opportunities available in the Statler Hotel through the Hotel Leadership Development Program (HLDP). Networking with HLDP students and the Statler Hotel managers while enjoying food and beverages made by the hotel’s culinary team, students were exposed to how the Statler Hotel became to be one of the top teaching hotels and the current foundations that help maintain such status.

Hotelie Pro Tips

April 19, 2017

Before seniors travel into the real world after graduation, we wanted to provide them with an opportunity to share their journey at the Hotel School, their unique internship opportunities, and how they ended up choosing their concentrations or tracks. A panel of graduating seniors shared some of their thoughts and gave insightful advice to freshman and sophomore students to further help their years at the Hotel School. 

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